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Do The Actor and Actress Knit to Deal With Stress?
Journal July 27, 2018

Each person wanted to be a singer or an actor/actress in their childhood dreams. The dreams of some of us change, but the dreams of some of us happen. Of course every job is beautiful, we must respect to every job.

Obviously we have thought this; how to become a actress or singer? What should I do to be a singer or actress? Especially while we are watching series which published  all day of the week, we remember our dream. Well, Do you never think about while dreaming? ‘’How do these actors or singers rest? How do they find time for themselves and how are they relax?’’ we know that their working hours are too long.I have searched this for you.

Pablo Picasso said that ‘’When I worked, I feel rest and relax. Especialy it tires me to do nothing or to welcome incoming guests.’’ Of course there are people who think like this. According to ...

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Ed Moseley's Story
Journal July 13, 2018

Ed Moseley's Story

Our topic is helpfulness. I can hear the question ‘’ What is the relevance between helpfulness and knitting?’’ You’are right. There is no relevance between them. But after the story that ı will tell you, you will associate with them.

I will share with you a story of retired engineer who is 86 years old. He is grandfather and has cute grandchildren. I am going to talk about a cancer patient grandfather who has been treated for chemoterapy at the Northside Hospital in Atlanta.

You know hospitals are where nobody wants to go. However in order to protect our health we have to go to the hospital regularly. Because the most important thing in life is our health. Ed Moseley is fighting for his health in the hospital. Lucky him doesn’t give up. And do you know what he is doing? He is helping other people.

Grandfather Mosley wants to do something for premature babies in the hospital. He wanted to ...

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Why are People Busy Nowadays?
Journal July 7, 2018

Why are people busy nowadays?

All of people have the same cliche…  ‘’I’am so busy, I don’t have any free time. I can’t have any time for myself.’’  Don’t you think these are the sentences that we hear the most nowadays? We often hear  them in private or in business. I don't think it is related to working or not working. Unfortunately, we are always busy in our day. Well ...

Are we busy very much?

If we go out of research; we are not busy very much. But the reason why we always want to be busy with something is in the making  this behaviour  a disease. The people always push themselves to obligation.  We think that we must be forever busy and it affect us badly. ‘’ The more we do, the more valuable we get.’’ This idea has become a habit in every individual. We see that people give up themselves and that they p...

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Manage Your Stress With Pleasure by Knitting
Journal June 26, 2018

Manage Your Stress With Pleasure By Knitting

Stress is part of everyday life in modern times. We can encounter unexpected things both in our professional life or in our relationships between the intensity of life. This is also a factor that increases stress. We have found dozens of ways to manage and reduce stress. The most delightful of these is undoubtedly KNITTING.

Stress, A Fact Of Life

Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the never-ending and ever-increasing demands of life. It is the psychological situation that appears as a reaction to a traumatic incident effect in our soul. During these days, it is not much possible to live without stress. Everybody that we see around us says “I AM FULL OF STRESS” even if they are 7 or 70 years old, it doesn’t matter. Jacquel who has to share his toys with his friends, Lisa who lives the first day in kindergarten, Burak who has a football match that is approaching, Nancy who i...

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The Secret For a Happy Pregnancy...?
Journal June 26, 2018


The first step of being mother… It is a very special feeling that is unique to women to feel that a new life flourishes and nurtures. As pregnancy is special also expectant mothers feel special. Maybe that’s why they expect more interest, they experience complex feelings because of hormonal reasons.

The relation between mother and baby begins when the woman learns her pregnancy. Pregnancy process is important both physically and psychologically for the relationship between mother and baby from the moment baby comes to the world.

At first of the physical changes seen in this period is weight gain. Women can usually feel nauseated in the first months of pregnancy, and with changes in body shape in the future, the person may experience difficulties in pre-existing movements. Changes in skin structure may occur. There will be differences in respiratory, digestive and circulatory sys...

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