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Do The Actor and Actress Knit to Deal With Stress?
Journal July 27, 2018

Each person wanted to be a singer or an actor/actress in their childhood dreams. The dreams of some of us change, but the dreams of some of us happen. Of course every job is beautiful, we must respect to every job.

Obviously we have thought this; how to become a actress or singer? What should I do to be a singer or actress? Especially while we are watching series which published  all day of the week, we remember our dream. Well, Do you never think about while dreaming? ‘’How do these actors or singers rest? How do they find time for themselves and how are they relax?’’ we know that their working hours are too long.I have searched this for you.

Pablo Picasso said that ‘’When I worked, I feel rest and relax. Especialy it tires me to do nothing or to welcome incoming guests.’’ Of course there are people who think like this. According to our research singers or actors to rest and be relax  are reading books, making sports, having massages, swimming, sleeping etc… They prefer resting theirselves with these activies.  In addition to these , it is one more thing. Knitting…  The knitting, which reduces the stress of daily life, has meditation effect, provides concentration and prevents health problems, is frequently preferred by actors and singers. Because everything which is given to effect/labor, is beautiful and for this reason people want to enter  the struggle for themselves.

Today, unfortunately topic is mechanization, contrary to old times people want to supply everything that unnatural is. But is is so beautiful to take pains with something and finish it with patience. It is benefit both your own soul and your health. The benefits of knitting is too much. In addition to this, As I say before, people want to do something for themselves. It is wrong to think that knitting is only one category and only one sex belonging to the same. If you think that knitting is only for housewives or women, you can think differently after this article.

Knit is not only women or just housewives but also everyone who wants to breathe in a busy work life. Especially knitting is discovered thanks to male actors and is used frequenly today.

Who are knitting?

Are you ready to be surprised?  According to our research many stars knit in United Kingdom from Hilary Swank to former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.


Madonna, also known  as the queen of  poppies and at the same time a songwriter, is knitting to relax and rest in her intense life.




Hilary Swank

Since she was a child, her dream was actress. She have achieved this dream. American successful and beautiful actress Swank says to knit to relax and rest.




Cameron Diaz

The actress is a voice actress and author. It must be hard to do everthing together. One of the ways to relax is knitting for a successful actress.




Well, either the men?

Of course actors and artist knit. Did you know that knitting men are more attractive for women? Today many women say that knitting man is more attractive than others. The stars who have   been known and loved by everyone knit to rest.


Ryan Gosling

Especially Canadian handsome actor Ryan Gosling who have known from ‘’The Notebook’’ seems knitting as a therapy. He takes attention with like knitting and this become attractive him.



David Arguette

Filmmaker, producer, scenarist and fashion designer US actor loves knitting, especially in his free time he knitts to relax.




Russel Crowe

Oscar winner New Zealander actor sees knitting as a hobby. Crowe, who is knitting in his leisure time, has  a Picture while knitting.




Yes, about 24 million people in USA are knitting.

Because they have already discovered benefits of knitting, are doing something for themselves. Fames singers and actors also  think that knitting is a therapy. They evaluate their leisure time the best way. Especially people who work all day can throw away stres with knitting. Also I am serious in the last title; women find men who are knitting, more attractive. To not get late, lets buy a yarn.