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Ed Moseley's Story
Journal July 13, 2018

Ed Moseley's Story

Our topic is helpfulness. I can hear the question ‘’ What is the relevance between helpfulness and knitting?’’ You’are right. There is no relevance between them. But after the story that ı will tell you, you will associate with them.

I will share with you a story of retired engineer who is 86 years old. He is grandfather and has cute grandchildren. I am going to talk about a cancer patient grandfather who has been treated for chemoterapy at the Northside Hospital in Atlanta.

You know hospitals are where nobody wants to go. However in order to protect our health we have to go to the hospital regularly. Because the most important thing in life is our health. Ed Moseley is fighting for his health in the hospital. Lucky him doesn’t give up. And do you know what he is doing? He is helping other people.

Grandfather Mosley wants to do something for premature babies in the hospital. He wanted to fight with his own ilness and to overcome morale to other patients. The retired engineer thought what he could do and he decided to knit. But he didn’t know how knit. He was determined to learn.

He shared this situation with his daughter. He asked her ‘’ How can I knit? What I need to do?’’. Then she got yarns and a training set for him. He started and learned patience.

While watching Tv , he started to knit. He wanted to move faster and he was finished a hat in a hour. He was training himself on this subject. While Moseley developed himself; The people around him had a curiosity and a willingness towards knitting.

He also offered to teach knitting her friends and hospital staff members. He taught them and they made the hats all together. Eventually the establishment donated more than 300 hats for premature babies. He made 55 hats himself.

The hats were delivered to premature babies. Moseley helped with this activity both his own fight and everyone else. His own family also appreciate him and supported this behaviour. This success of Moseley also inspired the childrens in the grandson’s school. His own family wondered about knitting , he now continues to knit and teach.

For those who wants some knitted pieces from him, he only want them to buy yarns instead of money. Because he sees as a therapy and a cure for himself.

If you want to make yourself happy like Mosley, you are in a struggle and want to win a victory in this fight , you can follow in Moseley’s wake.
Maybe you learn to knit, and touch others heart.