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Manage Your Stress With Pleasure by Knitting
Journal June 26, 2018

Manage Your Stress With Pleasure By Knitting

Stress is part of everyday life in modern times. We can encounter unexpected things both in our professional life or in our relationships between the intensity of life. This is also a factor that increases stress. We have found dozens of ways to manage and reduce stress. The most delightful of these is undoubtedly KNITTING.

Stress, A Fact Of Life

Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the never-ending and ever-increasing demands of life. It is the psychological situation that appears as a reaction to a traumatic incident effect in our soul. During these days, it is not much possible to live without stress. Everybody that we see around us says “I AM FULL OF STRESS” even if they are 7 or 70 years old, it doesn’t matter. Jacquel who has to share his toys with his friends, Lisa who lives the first day in kindergarten, Burak who has a football match that is approaching, Nancy who is going to test her babyboy... Due to human relationships and perception differences, environmental factors can cause stress to people; even the most positive people in life.

Solution: Stress Management

Stress is an obstacle to healthy thinking. Becasue, the stressed people think it is in a giant cloud of mist. They focus on the situation and can not adapt to another channel. They need to get out of the mist cloud and fight to get them back to normal. The basis of struggle is stress management. Stress management is the method you can use to prevent, even benefit from, stress.

You’ve got the power!

It is not possible to change the environmental factors. It will be the savior of this situation to shape our own way of living and the environment we are in. Interaction with the environment needs to be overlapped with the way of thinking. Everything in nature is in mutual interaction. There is also such an interaction between mind and body. In stress management, one's point of view on one's own, events and future is important. Negative thoughts, evaluations and references also lead to negative feelings and harmful behavior. Negative thoughts must first be recognized in order to construct negative thoughts. Then, it is aimed to change the unnecessary and unfounded ones of the negative thoughts with a rational thought. Sometimes it is difficult to catch negative thoughts, so the mind must be evaluated at an empty time. Positive thoughts in the mind create positive results for the body. The more happy and positive people are, the healthier protein chains they produce. Also, the immune system gets stronger.

Defeat Stress With ReTwisst Yarns

The most fun and simplest way of stress management is to be focused on busy works. Knitting is the most enjoyable of these works. It has the same relaxing effect as meditation. In some patterns, you repeat the same motion continuously, so your movements become automatic over time. This rhythmic, repetitive situation relaxes you and provides the meditation effects. Focusing on the knitting helps you avoid distress, stress, and depression. The sitting position you take when knitting also helps to lower your heart rate and your blood pressure. Knitting stimulates many areas of the brain to the same time. It helps Parkinson patients to develop their motor functions. It helps your motor function and your emotional state, as well as your brain, to remain healthy and functional. Because your brain will keep functioning and stay healthy as long as you use it. When you are finished, you will gain something that you will be proud of. Most people do not know how to crochet knits, and it gives them a great feeling to show something you produce. The admiration of what you do gives you confidence. What do you say to surprise yourself, while you are getting away from stress with knitting? You can crochet many different things for yourself, or for your home, by taking our yarns and kits from our site.