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The Secret For a Happy Pregnancy...?
Journal June 26, 2018


The first step of being mother… It is a very special feeling that is unique to women to feel that a new life flourishes and nurtures. As pregnancy is special also expectant mothers feel special. Maybe that’s why they expect more interest, they experience complex feelings because of hormonal reasons.

The relation between mother and baby begins when the woman learns her pregnancy. Pregnancy process is important both physically and psychologically for the relationship between mother and baby from the moment baby comes to the world.

At first of the physical changes seen in this period is weight gain. Women can usually feel nauseated in the first months of pregnancy, and with changes in body shape in the future, the person may experience difficulties in pre-existing movements. Changes in skin structure may occur. There will be differences in respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems. All of this can cause irregularities in basic life activities such as sleeping and feeding.

Women may also experience some mental changes during pregnancy. Crying without any reason, tension and stress are some of these changes. How will be my pregnancy process, can I bring a healthy baby, and what kind of mother will I be? These questions occupy women's minds during this challenging process.

During all these emotional tides, mother needs support from people around the mother’s. There is also a need for solutions that will strengthen mother's ability to cope with questions that engage her mind. This will ensure that the pregnancy period is happier and more peaceful. Breathing exercises, doing yoga and knitting makes you feel comfort in physically and psychologicly.

3 Big Benefits of Knitting

Knitting Makes You Relax

It will keep you away from all the wrong and complicated voices in your mind and make you feel peaceful; you will be relax.

Knitting Prepares You Being Mother

When you knits, they prepare something that is not obvious at all with your own hands; you will enjoy the pleasure of making it special for you.

Knitting Helps You Managing/Controlling Your Stress

Any of women do not want to live a stressful and nervoutic period during their pregnancy.  Although they want to control, unfortunatelly they can not. Because of  trying to control everything at the same time, they move in an uncontrolled way and unfortunately they become stressful because they can not catch up with anything. Knitting provides control over the control. Knitting patterns will teach you to take control.

Pregnant women should know that pregnancy period is not an anxious and stressful process for women, but rather it is an exciting process in which motherhood begins to live in abundant pleasure until they bring their babies to the world.