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Why are People Busy Nowadays?
Journal July 7, 2018

Why are people busy nowadays?

All of people have the same cliche…  ‘’I’am so busy, I don’t have any free time. I can’t have any time for myself.’’  Don’t you think these are the sentences that we hear the most nowadays? We often hear  them in private or in business. I don't think it is related to working or not working. Unfortunately, we are always busy in our day. Well ...

Are we busy very much?

If we go out of research; we are not busy very much. But the reason why we always want to be busy with something is in the making  this behaviour  a disease. The people always push themselves to obligation.  We think that we must be forever busy and it affect us badly. ‘’ The more we do, the more valuable we get.’’ This idea has become a habit in every individual. We see that people give up themselves and that they play the role of other identities. Very few of us can protect own identity.

We can try to discover ourselves. I think that it is our problem as a community. You always want to be alone while thinking. You abstract yourself from your family, friend  and all the people who you know. To think comfortably it comes to exist desire of moving away. You do not want to join the  people and especially in crowded community you want to go to a corner alone; because you are very busy. You are thinking…

In my opinion it is not true to think so much; while thinking we isolate ourselves away from social life, ignore the people around us, not to accompany them or we can not live the time without being aware of it. We've either in the past or it's always in the future. In addition to thinking we are tired because of constantly worry. Maybe you or we aren’t aware but think too much or always to be anxious is becoming an illness in our age. In addition it causes dieases.

Discovering is awesome!

People have to discover themselves. You can find happiness by making different activities. There’are many different activities and opportunities. To get contact with other people you should join groups for example communication groups or travelling groups. Try to discover your talents, maybe you will recognize some talents that you didn’t know. If you like knitting or If you are curious about knitting, you can join knitting groups. So you will be in more communication and you will think less problems. Don’t forget to discover. Especially if you want to be peaceful, you should start knitting soon. Because knitting is one of the most peaceful hobbies and activities. Try to do something for yourself or your family. Something else like making sport, especially I advise trekking outside.

 Let’s think like this; You  have a glass in your hand and you want to drink water. If you put glass of water under tap, you can fill it. But if you put the glass of water near or next to tap, you can’t fill it. Life is like a glass of water. You will not enjoy your life, if you do not live the time. When time passes so fast, you should leave intense thoughts in order not to regret it later. You should spend time for yourself. Everyone have something that they do to

enjoy themselves. Above I mentioned some of the activities you can do.

All people can do it!

You shouldn’t  think negatively. At first everything is difficult for all. The important thing is that bad thoughts and feelings can start to push on one side. You don’t need to be scared from the beginning. There is a saying, "Begin is half of the finish." So step into action as soon as possible. Your time is valuable like you.  Do something which makes you feel happy  in order to make your time enjoyable and peaceful. This is possible. I speak very confidently because we are here for you with our yarns and kit boxes as ReTwisst.