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Why was knitting become very popular in the 18-19th century?
Journal September 25, 2018

Nature is our environment. This environment consist of materials; matter is in interaction with man. While matter affects human, human also shapes matter. .

We turn back to the past. About 2 million years ago, also Palaeolithic Age. At that time people began to shape the material. They shape the Stone. The production of the first materials very important to development of history of humanity. People who don’t know how to produce food only consume during this period. At that time people spend their life hunting and gathering , had nomadic life.

Come to the 18th century. When we look at 18-19th century, we see that as regard Paleolithic period has made some advance. In 18-19th century there are many new discoveries in Europe. Because of these discoveries, this period is called Age of Enlightenment. Until this period, everytime manpower was utilized, but the end of the 18th century and at the beginning of the 19th century there was a development. From the human power has passed to the machine power. It is possible to say that it is a great change for history of humanity. These changes started with in UK input steam power that produced by burning coal and especially with the emergence of powerful machines for use in Textile production. James Watt’s discovery of the steam engine in 1763 is one of the events that triggered the Industrial Revolution. The steam engine started to use in coalmines and textile workshops. Then the steam train and ship emerged. Also made progress in transportation. At the same time steel production increased and working classes emerged. The working classes were also present before this revolution but they were unaware oftheir struggle and their rights because they aren’t defined as a class; with the industrial revolution the working class obtain some rights.

With the industrial revolution the number of child workers increased. Despite of existing laws, employers resisted these laws, and thinking that they helped child workers they allow to child workers worked. In the same way women were employed in heavy jobs. In 1833 the first law against child workers come out in England. Children under 9 age are forbidden to work. 10 years later women and children were banned from working in the mining field.

Due to the unemployment in this period, there has been a lot of immigration from the small settlements to the cities. While the bourgeois class was in prosperity, the working class had a difficult life.

What did the women do in that time?

The working class had a difficult life. There was intense immigration from the rural area to urban area. Some of the women worked but the working hours were rather high and the wage were low. But the women didn’t give up. In this period knitting become a part of life. Because of hard working conditions and low wages women’s life became difficult so women started to knit. For themselves, their husband, their children… Sometimes a pullover, socks and sometimes a vest… They don’t buy, they contribute to the family budget by doing it themselves, and they are laboring and not staying empty. At the same time they earn money. They started to sell their knitting products. They started to produce intensely through industrial revolution.

Women knit.

To win your own money; they had confidence in themselves. They were supporting their home budgets, and they were doing it with handwork, with out machine power. The knitting had spread gradually, even people who have never knitted before began to try. And the person who started to knit didn’t leave to knit. Knitting obtains intensively since 18-19th century but we know that life is common in our day. Now there is no perception like '' female job or male job ''. Both genders can do anything. As a woman can drive and repait her car; a man may knit with type of yarn like cotton yarn as a hobby or for materialism.

You produce.

With industrial revolution we started to machine; the worker groups consisted of. Production increased, we started to produce in an intense way. Let’s keep this production together. Let’s produce and encourage to produce.

With producing, now we have type of yarns like ribbon, macrame, xxlace, slim cotton, t-shirt yarn. In different culture people use different name for them. For example tape garn, textil garn, fabric yarn are used mostly.

Our women have been producing since 18-19th centuries with type of yarns. The knitting that they started because of material gains in that time , is stil going on today.

Many people knit as a hobby that they see it as a therapy but there are stil people who earn money from this business. What a nice thing to produce! Labour must be one of the finest emotions in the world. It doesn’t matter to be woman, man or child. You also produce. Don’t deprive yourself of this beautiful production that has been going on since 18-19th centuries and which is both healthy and useful.